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About Anthill

We help product companies scale quickly and efficiently by building effective and high-performing teams.

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Our beliefs

Realizing Team Potential

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Expertise & Drive

We’re dedicated and hard-working, aiming to pursue what others deem impossible. Through our know-how and constant motivation to be better, everyone involved in the process advances.

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Mentorship & Teamwork

We’re empathetic towards our teams and our clients, understanding their needs and desires. When our teams and partners feel heard, supported and educated, our collaboration thrives.

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Authenticity & Commitment

We take responsibility for our actions, marvel in our successes and own up to our oversights. We have a strong moral compass and do things the right way, not the easy way.

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Scaling mindset

We build diverse and functional A teams to accelerate your success

We share a hive mind of
wanting to develop and grow

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Our main mission as a company has always been realizing team potential through software solutions. By working together with both clients and talent, we help them be so much more than they can imagine – whether it’s by undergoing a digital transformation or by finding their dream job in IT.

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Talent Development

We recognize potential and have the know-how to develop it, so it becomes a natural fit for your company

Getting to the Core

We identify your pain points and provide you with strategic solutions to resolve them


From procurement to legal, we adapt our processes to meet your company's complex needs

Class A Efficiency

We save you time, money, and effort whilst ensuring a quality service

Deeply Rooted in the Community

We guarantee access to a large pool of talent thanks to being part of Bulgaria's tech community

Finger on the Pulse

We monitor teams' performance with the aim of continuous improvement