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News February 21, 2024

Anthill in InsurTech: Streamlining Subrogation with AI

Recently, Anthill embarked on an exciting journey to build a product team from the ground up. Our mission? To aid our partner, a US pioneer in InsurTech, in the development of an AI-enhanced subrogation management product – a niche category in the InsurTech space that enhances the processing of insurance claims. This article explains the role of subrogation in the insurance claims process, sheds light on how AI can help insurers make better decisions and improve efficiency for everyone down the chain, and invites you to join us on this thrilling adventure in revolutionizing subrogation. 

Automating Subrogation Processes

Subrogation gives insurance companies a way to keep costs down by figuring out who’s really responsible for a claim. This is super important because it helps make sure that neither you nor your insurer have to pay more than you should if you’re not to blame.

Up until now, sorting all this out has been a pretty hands-on, slow process. But there’s a lot of buzz about making things more efficient through automation. Imagine using smart tech to quickly sift through claims, decide which ones need a closer look, and even handle a lot of the paperwork digitally. This could make the whole subrogation thing a lot smoother, quicker, and even more on point, making life easier for everyone involved.

AI as the Catalyst in Subrogation Management

Recently, our partner embarked on a journey to automate this process by utilizing an AI-enhanced subrogation solution, changing subrogation management for everyone across the chain. AI technology plays a pivotal role in facilitating faster decision-making with heightened precision. With over 9 million unique claims processed, the deep learning solution enables personalized decisions at scale, which leads to mitigating risks, enhancing performance, and growing customer satisfaction. Moreover, it drives efficiency and significantly reduces time to claim resolution across various insurance sectors, including personal and commercial auto, property, workers’ compensation, and health insurance.

Anthill’s Role in Facilitating Innovation

To help add a new dimension to the product suite, Anthill is currently on a mission to bring in fresh talent to join this exciting long-term project. We have a range of open positions, from Machine Learning Engineers to Data Engineers, to design and implement solutions tailored to address challenges in insurance claim processing and build advanced data platforms for predictive modeling.

“The project is more special than the most common ones on the market precisely because it uses AI to automate the entire subrogation process”, comments Slavena Asenova, Senior Delivery Manager at Anthill, “ We are excited to contribute to such a groundbreaking initiative which has the potential to bring innovations and elevate customer experiences within the InsurTech market.’’

Join the Future

Despite present challenges in the IT market, Anthill is actively looking to expand its team. To join this groundbreaking initiative and contribute to shaping the future of InsurTech, take a look at our job openings here