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News March 27, 2024

Anthill’s ESG Journey: Pioneering Sustainability, Social Responsibility, and Governance Excellence  

Author: Valeria Djukic, Operations Lead, Anthill

In the realm of sustainable development, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives are increasingly becoming the benchmarks for evaluating a company’s commitment to not just its stakeholders, but to the planet and its people. We, at Anthill, stand out as an example of how businesses can integrate ESG principles into their core operations to drive positive change. Through our comprehensive ESG Policy, we are addressing the areas of environmental impact, social responsibility, and governance with a forward-thinking approach that, hopefully, will set a new standard in the IT industry. 

Environmental Impact: A Commitment to Sustainability through Procurement 

In an era where the ecological footprint of businesses is scrutinized, we have taken strides to minimize the environmental impact of the company, particularly focusing on carbon footprint and energy usage reduction. Our hybrid working model focuses on reducing commuting emissions, and our choice of Class-A office spaces—such as Office X in Sofia—demonstrates our unwavering commitment to sustainability, where every aspect, from lighting to HVAC systems, is optimized for environmental efficiency. 

To minimize our environmental impact in data management, we opted for Microsoft Azure Cloud — a move aimed at transitioning to more energy-efficient cloud storage solutions and reducing our overall environmental footprint (compared to traditional data centers). You can find more about Microsoft’s strategies for measuring and improving water and energy use in its datacenters to enhance the sustainability of Azure Cloud here

Moreover, Anthill partners with companies like Microsoft and Lenovo that are committed to sustainability and extend the life cycle of hardware to minimize electronic waste (for more details, read the 2022  Environmental  Sustainability  Report and the Lenovo 2021/22 Environmental, Social and Governance Report). 

Anthill’s sustainability efforts extend to waste management too, with a robust system for segregating waste to ensure sustainability in office spaces. Through these initiatives, we exemplify how environmental consciousness can be seamlessly integrated into business operations. 

Social Responsibility: Building Communities and Supporting Well-being 

Anthill’s commitment to social responsibility is evident in our efforts to enhance community engagement and employee well-being. 

At Anthill, we actively promote gender equality and equitable hiring practices. Currently, 37% of the company’s workforce comprises women, surpassing the EU average of 17% and Bulgaria’s own 29% representation. 

One standout initiative is our support for the Telerik Academy School, providing free digital technology training to students across Bulgaria. Telerik Academy School aims to significantly impact digital literacy in Bulgaria which strongly resonates with our long-term commitment to not only foster technological skills among the youth but also strengthen Bulgaria’s future in the digital landscape. For 2024/2025 school year Telerik Academy School plan launching 15 educational programs for 3rd to 12th graders, training at least 10,000 students across Bulgaria, creating a sustainable model with the goal of educating 50,000 students within five years. 

On the front of employee wellbeing, Anthill has implemented comprehensive policies including health and safety standards, medical and dental insurance, and an extensive benefits program. The company actively encourages team members to participate in sports events, promoting a healthy lifestyle among its employees, further emphasizing its commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive work environment. These initiatives reflect our belief in the importance of nurturing our people and the community, to reinforce their role as socially responsible citizens. 

Governance and Ethical Standards: Leading with Integrity 

Anthill’s governance policies are deeply rooted in ethical standards and risk management, ensuring the company’s operations are conducted with the highest integrity. The company’s adherence to ISO certifications, including ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for information security and ISO 9001:2015 for quality management, underscores our commitment to maintaining rigorous governance standards. 

Anthill’s current initiative to achieve ISO 20000-1 certification proves our commitment to international standards in service management, enhancing our ESG strategy by ensuring sustainable and reliable IT service delivery, underscoring the company’s dedication to operational excellence and environmental stewardship. 

Furthermore, Anthill’s GDPR compliance demonstrates its dedication to protecting data privacy and security, reflecting the company’s ethical approach to business practices. 

In addition to these certifications, Anthill actively engages, as a member, with prominent business and professional associations to foster industry best practices and collaborative growth: 




AHK Bulgaria 

Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce 

CEE Digital Coalition 

These memberships not only enhance Anthill’s governance practices but also contribute to shaping a more collaborative and progressive business environment, both locally and internationally. 

In conclusion, through our ESG policies, we aim to lead the integration of sustainability, social responsibility, and governance within the IT industry, establishing a standard for corporate responsibility. We seek to highlight the crucial role businesses have in promoting a future that is sustainable, inclusive, and ethical. By pushing forward with our ESG initiatives, we aspire to serve as a model, demonstrating how dedicated commitment to ESG principles can positively transform the business landscape for future generations.