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News June 24, 2024

Beyond Anthill (Junior Edition): Jordan Kalenitzov

Welcome to another special junior edition of our Beyond Anthill series, where we delve into the personal and professional journeys of Anthill’s junior software developers. In this edition, we spotlight Jordan Kalenitzov, Junior Full Stack Developer for one of our key projects. We explore what ignited Jordan’s passion for software development, how his journey began, and his professional aspirations for the future.

Can you share a bit about your background and what sparked your interest in software development?

Jordan: I’ve always been an active person, drawn to the outdoors, nature, and especially winter sports. My academic journey has been diverse, and during the pandemic, I finally was able to concentrate my efforts and pursue a career in software development through programs like Software University and Telerik Academy. My fascination with computers began in childhood and has persisted ever since. I’m particularly drawn to analysis, problem-solving and the challenge of puzzles, which naturally aligns with the problem-solving aspect of software development.

Describe your role at Anthill and what a typical day looks like for you.

Jordan: My primary focus revolves around tackling complex tasks and troubleshooting issues, both on the backend and frontend development fronts. The tech stack I regularly work with includes .NET, SQL, Angular, and Type/JavaScript. A typical day involves engaging in daily meetings towards the end of the day. These meetings serve as invaluable opportunities to overcome any blockers encountered throughout the day and receive constructive feedback on our current progress. If I’m working from the office, I get to enjoy the pleasant company of friendly and open-minded colleagues. Additionally, there’s the option to unwind with a refreshing beer alongside my colleagues.

Technology is constantly evolving. Are there any technologies or tools that you’ve discovered or learned about at Anthill that have particularly excited or inspired you?

Jordan: At Anthill discovering and working with Angular has been particularly exciting and inspiring due to its powerful features and the opportunities it provides for building dynamic and interactive web applications.

What was your motivation to join Anthill’s team?

Jordan: During the interview process, I was immediately struck by the open-mindedness of the people I met. Their honesty and transparency about the company culture and expectations were refreshing. And of course, the presence of a well-stocked beer bar in the office certainly added to the allure. It hinted at a relaxed and enjoyable work environment, which ultimately proved to be true.

How does Anthill encourage and support you to grow on your software development journey?

Jordan: Anthill goes above and beyond to encourage and support my growth on my software development journey in several ways. They provide internal courses specifically tailored to target the technologies used in my everyday work. This ensures that I have access to relevant and up-to-date learning resources to enhance my skills.

Anthill actively encourages me to attend big tech-related events and conventions. This not only exposes me to the latest advancements and trends in the industry but also fosters networking opportunities and collaboration with professionals from diverse backgrounds. Here, I also get to be a part of a team comprising seasoned professionals with years of experience. Anthill organizes internal events aimed at fostering bonding among team members and facilitating knowledge sharing sessions. This collaborative environment allows me to learn from the expertise of my peers and grow professionally.

Can you share something that you are currently working on that you find particularly exciting or challenging, and why?

Jordan: Currently, I’m engrossed in a project that presents both excitement and challenges. One aspect involves upgrading legacy .NET Framework applications and services to the latest .NET versions. This transition is particularly exciting because it allows us to leverage the enhanced performance, features, and security improvements offered by the newer version of the framework. Another stimulating facet of the project involves modernizing the look and feel of the user interface (UI) using Angular, one of the most widely used frontend frameworks. This endeavor presents challenges in ensuring that we adhere to best practices for writing reusable and maintainable code, while also delivering a seamless and visually appealing user experience.

Looking ahead, what aspects of software development are you most eager to explore or develop further skills in?

Jordan: There are several aspects of software development that I’m particularly eager to explore and further develop my skills in. With the release of .NET 8 and the continuous evolution of the .NET ecosystem, I’m keen on delving deeper into the latest features, enhancements, and best practices within the framework. As frontend development continues to evolve rapidly, I’m excited to deepen my knowledge and expertise in current versions of Angular and explore other modern frontend frameworks such as React and Vue.js. With the increasing shift towards cloud-native development and deployment, I’m also looking ahead into deepening my understanding of cloud computing technologies.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Jordan: In my spare time, I enjoy unwinding with outdoor walks with Nayden – an adorable doglike companion of his own breed, swimming for relaxation, sharing cold beers with friends, and soaking up the sun for positivity and rejuvenation amidst the hustle of daily life.

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