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News November 28, 2023

Beyond Code: Francois Bit

Meet Francois Bit, Full-Stack Developer at Anthill and the star of this week’s Beyond Code. Residing in the picturesque town of Bansko, he enjoys the allure of the great outdoors, where he engages in activities such as hiking, biking, and snowboarding. His avid interest in sports seamlessly intertwines with his love for software development, where his journey began due to a profound fascination – the intricate balance between logic and creativity.

Q: Tell us about you and your career journey as a software developer.

Francois: My journey in the world of programming began around a decade ago, driven by a profound fascination for the logical and creative aspects of software development. Initially, my focus was primarily on mobile and back-end development, particularly within the banking sector. However, my trajectory has evolved, and presently, I’m a key part of a front-end team. This transition has provided me with a significantly diversified experience, allowing me to embrace a broader spectrum of skills and perspectives in my career.

Q: Can you describe your role at Anthill and what a typical day looks like for you?

Francois: Within the new project I’m working on, my primary responsibility revolves around the development of innovative features. On a typical day, I immerse myself in tackling the specific tasks I’ve been assigned, diligently striving to identify the most effective approach to meet the predefined acceptance criteria. Additionally, I place significant emphasis on ensuring strict adherence to our project’s coding conventions to maintain high standards of code quality and consistency.

Q: Please describe your job in a way that a 3-year-old would understand it.

Francois: I pick the colors, draw the buttons, and make the picture appear on the computer screen, tablet, or phone.

Q: How do you stay current with the latest technologies and trends in software development?

Francois: For a software developer, consistent learning is probably the most important part of the job. To stay updated, I like to read articles or watch videos about specific topics. I’m also learning a lot directly from the project that I’m working on as we work with the latest technologies currently on the market.

Q: What was your motivation to join Anthill’s team?

Francois: I was looking for a new challenge, and the opportunity came at the perfect moment. The project, the ambition of the company, and the flexibility of a fully remote position were exactly what I wanted, so it was a perfect fit.  

Q: How does Anthill encourage and support its software developers to pursue their own interests?

Francois: Anthill fosters effective communication and ensures that individuals are placed in roles that best suit them. The environment is tailored to align with your interests as much as possible, allowing you to grow in a direction that resonates with your aspirations and goals.

Q: Can you share a project that you are currently working on that you find particularly exciting or challenging, and why?

Francois: I’m working for Anthill’s partner, Allane Mobility Group, where we are currently developing a new project. The project is not without its challenges, as not everything is perfectly defined like it could be on an established project. That’s what makes it somewhat exciting as you must be able to work with some missing pieces and accept that not all is going to be perfect at first but that it will be built over time with everything coming together.

Q: What are your future goals & aspirations?

Francois: My goal is to simply try to get 1% better every day, both professionally and personally.

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Francois: Living in Bansko gives me the opportunity to enjoy the mountains and engage in activities like hiking, biking, or snowboarding in the winter. I also like to go out for a beer or eat at one of the typical Bulgarian restaurants in town. I also like to watch different kinds of sports such as football, American football, boxing, and cycling.

Q: In the spirit of the upcoming festive season, what is your favorite thing to do around the holidays?

Francois: I tend to relax a bit more than usual to get ready for the new year. That’s also the time when the ski resort opens in Bansko, and the town becomes fully alive. It’s a great time to meet new people and enjoy what the town has to offer.