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News June 15, 2023

Beyond Code: Matyo Ivanov

Welcome to another installment of our Beyond Code series, where we delve into Anthill’s highly-skilled employees’ personal and professional journeys. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Matyo Ivanov, a Machine Learning Architect at Anthill. Matyo’s unique career journey from Materials Science to Machine Learning, his role in developing Anthill’s Center of Excellence, and his passion for continuous learning and upskilling makes his story particularly compelling. Let’s dive into his insights and experiences.

Q: Tell us about you and your career journey as a software developer.

Matyo: My journey began in Materials Science, where I gained substantial experience in Machine Learning (ML) during my Ph.D. This sparked my interest in the field, leading me to transition to Computer Science and pursue ML professionally. I joined Anthill as an ML Architect and played a key role in establishing Anthill’s Center of Excellence.

Q: Could you give us an insight into your role at Anthill and describe what a regular day entails for you?

Matyo: My role involves developing use cases for potential clients during the selling process. This typically consists in conducting literature reviews and proposing technologies and approaches to meet client needs. For the projects themselves, I process data and develop algorithms to fulfill the proposed use cases.

Q: Please describe your job so a 3-year-old would understand it.

Matyo: I create computer programs that learn to understand things on their own. In the end, the program can tell you what you want to know without you having to instruct it at all.

Q: What strategies do you use to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in software development?

Matyo: I stay current by reading extensively and keeping track of news in the field of Machine Learning. Understanding how relevant technologies work is crucial, and while the field is rapidly evolving, there are numerous information sources available to stay updated.

Q: What was your motivation to join Anthill’s team?

Matyo: I was drawn to Anthill by the opportunity to work with a team I admire and the chance to help build something new, specifically Anthill’s Center of Excellence. I prefer being actively involved in processes rather than being a small part of a large team, making Anthill the perfect fit for me.

Q: How does Anthill foster the professional growth and development of its software developers?

Matyo: At Anthill, we’re constantly diving deep into various topics across multiple fields and developing end-to-end solutions. This process involves a lot of self-learning, which over time, broadens our expertise.

Q: How does Anthill encourage and support its software developers to pursue their own interests?

Matyo: My personal interests align significantly with my work. The nature of my work requires rapid upskilling, which I enjoy and is supported by the company.

Q: Could you discuss a current project that you find particularly stimulating or challenging, and explain why?

Matyo: We recently completed several proofs of concept for a client, which were very successful. We’re now in the deployment stage, which is both exciting and challenging. It’s rewarding to see an idea become a reality.

Q: Last but not least, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 

Matyo: I enjoy working out, followed by relaxing with a beer with friends. I also enjoy seasonal sports, whether it’s on the ski slopes in the winter or at the seaside in the summer. Occasionally, I like to unwind with video games.

If you would like to enhance your career journey as a software engineer or follow in the footsteps of Matyo, take a look at our open positions.