AI and IoT Bulgaria Summit 2021: bringing together the tech experts of tomorrow

AI and IoT Bulgaria Summit 2021: bringing together the tech experts of tomorrow
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What are the hottest trends in the field of IoT and AI? How have these technologies come to dominate a majority of traditional sectors, such as healthcare, electric power distribution, and transportation? What are the most recent technological developments in Bulgaria? The 2021 edition of the AI and IoT Bulgaria Summit will answer these and many more questions on June 26, 2021. 

Aiming to stimulate the local ecosystem and spark the light of AI and IoT technological innovations, the event will assemble virtually and physically over 700 like-minded specialists, business executives, and technological enthusiasts, allowing them to listen to 24 international speakers. The conference is organized by the Bulgarian Software Community, with the support of Anthill, EPAM Systems, Bosch Bulgaria, Microsoft, and MentorMate. For Anthill, the summit is a special initiative that allows us to stimulate the ecosystem by facilitating better understanding among different players of the concepts in AI and IoT. 

We talked with Mihail Mateev, Chairman of the Board of the Bulgarian Software Community Association and organizer of the summit to share insights about what to expect.

What is the importance of IoT and AI for the Bulgarian ecosystem?

Mihail Mateev: Contemporary systems are built to collect and transfer large volumes of information. IoT is a cornerstone element of the devices that surround us – from mobile phones and smart wearables to home automation systems and vehicles such as cars and planes. This means that the IoT industry is constantly evolving due to the high demand.

When it comes to Bulgaria, IoT constructs a growing technology sector that needs more specialists to push it forward towards maturity and global competitiveness. IoT and AI are often interconnected and the local ecosystem has faced a big gap when it comes to knowledge about these two technologies. Most events that cover AI and IoT are concerned with exploring theoretical concepts or positioning a product that utilizes the technologies. The AI and IoT Bulgaria Summit is an end-to-end initiative with a different goal – to provide all interested parties with relevant information and practical know-how about how the technologies work and what the global trends are. 

How is the event organized and what should participants expect to see?

The summit is one of the first big hybrid events on the local tech scene after the start of the pandemic. We will be hosting it online on our Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube channels. At the same time, some of the participants will be physically present at the Incubator of Sofia Tech Park. Positioned as a community conference, the event is free and open to industry experts, businesses, and people who would like to develop in the spheres of AI and IoT. We have organized 2 online and 1 on-ground human flows. At Sofia Tech Park, there will be a social space where people will be able to network with field experts, colleagues, and business partners. 

We have thoroughly selected some of the best specialists in the spheres of IoT and AI – participants will see renowned experts from Bulgaria, Romania, Western Europe, and the US. The topics to be discussed include the most important trends in data integration and messaging communication patterns, computer vision and video streaming, as well as automation and machine learning.

Part of the Speakers at the event

What is the value for your different target groups?

For beginners, this is an opportunity to understand what impact IoT and AI have in various technological fields. The event can also be a starting point for exploring the technologies and roles that are of most interest to them. Networking is another important aspect – in Sofia Tech Park, participants will also get the chance to meet leading specialists and company representatives and create new contacts.

When it comes to experts who work in the fields of AI and IoT, they will take grasp of the newest trends in the technological field and explore nuances that they could have missed. The perspectives of speakers and colleagues from outside one’s organization is very important for maintaining a realistic perspective about where one stands. 

For businesses that specialize in the areas of IoT and AI, the event will offer experts the chance to understand what is happening in the ecosystem and what other companies have managed to achieve in the past year. 

What challenges of the Bulgarian technological ecosystem do you tackle with the event?

First of all, we are trying to spread awareness about the differences between AI and IoT, how they are interconnected and what potential they have for developing solutions in a range of industries. Many companies and organizations who seek experts with relevant knowledge in these areas do not understand what they should expect from their employees and how they can motivate them to perform effectively. In this respect, the summit can act as a hub for knowledge exchange.

Through the event, we also aim to give direction and show the development prospects for young people in the AI and IoT sectors. The demand for specialists with relevant knowledge in these areas is huge and people with the potential to develop often fail to see and understand the incentives to specialize further. In the Bulgarian IT market, developers can perform routine tasks for companies and still have a good income. Community events like ours offer practical guidelines for breaking this work pattern through the topics discussed and the networking opportunity to explore what your career would look like if you chose to push further for development.

A networking session during the 2019 edition of AI and IoT Bulgaria Summit, ©AI and IoT Bulgaria Summit

Please find more at the Facebook page of the event.

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