How does Anthill transform the increasingly popular temporary staffing model?

How does Anthill transform the increasingly popular temporary staffing model?

The interest in temporary staffing has been steadily growing for the past three decades, a recent report from the International Labour Organization (ILO) shows. In 2019 employment on a non-permanent basis expanded to more than 27% of the employee-weighted population, shows the data extracted by ILO from more than 150 countries from different parts of the world.

With the increase in the use of this method, it inevitably became popular in the IT industry as well. During the last few years, tech companies are building their team with a mix of permanent and temporary hired people. However, most of the enterprises use temporary staffing as a way to outsource some business operations.

At Anthill we use a different approach to guarantee the rights of both the employer and the contractor (a professional that works for a company, but has a contract with an outstaffing company). We carefully select the right candidates to support a company’s efforts of building great products in Bulgaria not only by being technically fit, but on the basis of company culture. 

At Anthill we strive to build a long-term connection with companies and tech talent. We guarantee that every single project our employees work on receives their full dedication – we set a specific team working on this particular project, we do not swap people so they might lose motivation and miss the point of the specific project.

Based on our expertise, we gathered some of the main reasons enterprises choose our services in hiring specialists using the temporary staffing mechanism.

Personalization is key

What really makes Anthill stand out from the crowd of companies offering temporary staffing solutions is that we strive to fulfill the needs of our clients while giving developers an opportunity to be part of building products that are used globally. We manage to do it because of the great amount of personalization of the criteria we use for each of our clients. 

No more understaffing for companies of any size

Anthill’s staffing model is being used by companies that differ in size. 

For large organizations, we tackle the problem of understaffing, and in this way we prevent work overload for any member of the team. These big enterprises have a certain quota of people that can be employed by the company in a certain department. So Anthill offers the opportunity to pick out the best candidates that can fulfill the needs of our client and work on its projects but has a contract with us.

We also help companies to build the right team in Bulgaria when they don’t have a registered entity in our country. This model is especially popular amongst organizations that want to open an R&D center in Bulgaria and  want to develop their products with the help of top tech talent in our country. This allows them to test out whether the country will be a good fit for a future expansion without the need to register an entity here. This way they don’t have to worry about potential risks that come with the administrative burden of registering a company and the constantly changing legislation.

The lowered risk and cost efficiency of our model offers is also very beneficial for startups that want to attract new talent. Most of the time they are not at a point in their development for a huge expansion, but are in need of top talent to support continued growth of the company, they rely on our model to reach qualified professionals.

The onboarding process

To ensure that developers are completely onboard with the projects they have to work on and clear out any uncertainties, we’ve created an individual onboarding process for every single person. Although working on tasks and creating new products for different companies, we try to build a relationship between Anthill’s team members. Using one-on-one meetings, we strive to better understand developers’ needs and find the perfect job for them.

It is very important for us to address all of our contractors’ questions, so they feel comfortable about what they are doing. Most of the time, there are uncertainties about who their actual employer is and how they can work for a company, but not be contracted by it. That is the reason we organize meetings where more experienced contractors share their experience and how the model helped them. 

Anthill’s model has a lot of benefits for the specialists, not only for the companies. Providing employment opportunities at global tech leaders without legal entities in Bulgaria is probably the biggest advantage for developers. That way they can be part of something unique and a company that isn’t available on the Bulgarian market.

You can learn a lot more positives for employees from temporary staffing in the article The Future of Temporary and Permanent Employment.

Whether a company seeks professionals to support their needs or experts looking for their first temporary staffing contract, check the possibilities and open positions Anthill has to offer here.

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