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We take responsibility for our actions, marvel in our successes
and own up to our oversights. We have a strong moral compass
and do things the right way, not the easy way.

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From legacy system refactoring to cloud-native solutions, we transform your older systems and processes and improve your efficiency, unlocking your full potential.

We help you create, design, deploy and support fully integrated personalized software in line with your business needs and objectives.

We streamline your workflow processes to make them more efficient, helping you reduce cost and optimize your business.

We help you build new tools or automate existing solutions using our highly skilled team of IT professionals. We can assist you with data center and cloud services, application and desktop monitoring and support, and network management.

We support you with data intelligence and automation solutions including data modeling, data architecture and design, business intelligence, AI, machine learning and RPA.

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We provide personalized solutions that meet the unique needs
of a wide range of industries.

We developed the Front-end and Back-end for a powerful and flexible CMS platform that allows businesses and organizations to create, manage, and publish their website content and digital experiences.

We built a product team of 80+ professionals working on private cloud integrations, developing new features for hyperconverged infrastructure in addition to endpoint, cloud and network security products

We established an R&D team of 60+ highly skilled tech professionals from scratch who developed an advanced video content streaming platform for 45 million households for a German media leader

We worked on the integration and build of new features for an app that allows users to book a ride, track their driver's location, and pay.

We worked on building the backend logic for a variety of solutions including loyalty & referrals, SMS marketing, reviews, and visual user-generated content.

We are helping an insurtech pioneer with the optimization of three of its core products which play an integral part in tranforming how the industry operates.

We are working on the product digitalization and optimization for a German-based leading multi-brand provider of comprehensive mobility solutions

We were tasked with the core development of a carbon tracking and offsetting platform that allows individuals and organizations to calculate their carbon footprint by tracking their daily activities and purchases, such as transportation, energy usage, and food consumption

We assisted with the site reliability engineering and platform development of the backend of Bosch IoT solutions in addition to provided Kubernetes runtime stack and managed AWS services, where dedicated tech team performed deployments, infrastructure patches, and various improvements for both the runtime and the accompanying CI/CD stack.

We developed a commodity trade platform for a Swiss-based consortium that enables participants to digitize and streamline their operations, from trade execution and risk management to finance and settlement as well as minimizing manual processes, siloed data, and lack of transparency.