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News . July 13, 2023

From Scaleup to Global Player: How to Accelerate your Growth using International R&D Teams

As the global business ecosystem becomes more interconnected, the strategic importance of building international IT R&D teams is gaining unprecedented recognition among scaleups. This approach, validated by McKinsey’s insights, enables companies to harness worldwide talent, stimulate innovation, and concentrate on their core business functions. Moreover, ScienceDirect underscores that these international IT R&D activities can become […]

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News . May 18, 2023

Beyond Code: Slavena Asenova

Introducing Beyond Code, a captivating series of intimate interviews that delves into the lives and experiences of software developers within Anthill. Join us as we explore the personal stories behind their professional journeys, shedding light on the motivations that brought them to our organization and the meaningful projects they are involved in. From their humble […]

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