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News . June 21, 2023

The Anthill Way: 3 Key Strategies for Tech Talent Development

In the tech world, staying ahead means constant evolution, growth, and learning. Here at Anthill, we believe that the key to innovation and keeping pace with the fast-moving tech industry is investing in the development of our talented professionals. We’re not just about building robust IT R&D teams for scaleups and corporations; we’re about nurturing […]

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News . May 29, 2023

After Hours Recap: Mastering the IT Career Ladder

In the dynamic world of professional advancement, understanding the roadmap to career progression is crucial. Recently, an insightful After Hours event titled From Junior To Senior: What I Need To Get The Promotion? provided a rich tapestry of expert perspectives on this subject. The panel discussion featured four esteemed speakers: Georgi Gerginov, CEO at Anthill; […]

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News . May 25, 2023

Beyond Code: Kaloyan Dimitrov

In this second installment of our Beyond Code interview series, we explore the remarkable career path of Kaloyan Dimitrov, a Senior Full-Stack Developer at Anthill. Kaloyan talks about his early beginnings as a software developer, takes us through the diverse projects he’s worked on, and shares the ever-present joy he finds in every step of […]

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News . May 18, 2023

Beyond Code: Slavena Asenova

Introducing Beyond Code, a captivating series of intimate interviews that delves into the lives and experiences of software developers within Anthill. Join us as we explore the personal stories behind their professional journeys, shedding light on the motivations that brought them to our organization and the meaningful projects they are involved in. From their humble […]

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